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FSLG Fund Management

FSLG Trust Account Services provides expert knowledge in surrogacy and fertility trust and fund management. All funds and accounts are bonded and fully insured with a $5 Million Dollar General Liability policy and separate Errors and Omissions insurance policy and held in an attorney managed client trust account.

FSLG provides seamless service and full transparency with our secure, cyber encrypted and insured user friendly online mobile portal. Our online platform makes staying connected easy; Agencies, Clinics, Intended Parents and Surrogates can have direct access to their account 24/7 where they can view the status of their case, view the trust ledger, request a disbursement, view receipts, or share trust related documents. With FSLG Trust, you can be confident your funds are being managed with full fidelity.

Our  fund management fee for surrogate accounts is a flat rate of $1,750 which includes full review and scheduling of your legal payment agreement, and $400 for donor accounts. Any surrogate/donor reimbursement requests are reviewed and vetted by FSLG on your behalf prior to releasing any disbursement. 

How does it work?

  • When the account is created, a "Welcome Email" is sent to all parties so they can register and create their login for the platform. Upon logging in, the Fund Management Agreement is sent to all parties for their review and e-signature, along with the funding instructions.

  • Alerts will be sent out to the IP and Agency once the account has been funded.

  • The FSLG Fund Management Team will contact the agency and surrogate/donor to make sure all parties are on the same page for the medical schedule. A legal professional will then review the legal agreement, and schedule disbursements in the portal accordingly.

  • Surrogates and Donors can submit reimbursement requests for review (all disbursement requests can be submitted to the Authorizing Party for review prior to any funds being paid out if preferred). The respective receipt will be saved and uploaded with the corresponding request and an alert will be sent out to both the requesting User, Agency and Authorizing Party once the payment status has changed.

  •  If the funds fall below the required minimum balance, an alert will automatically be sent to the IP(s) for additional funding.

  • If there are any changes in the account, you will be automatically notified of the transaction.

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to click on the "Contact Us" tab to request additional information.

To get started, click on "Open Account" below and fill out the Fund Management prompts, and a FSLG team member will contact you shortly.

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